We are Happy to Invie You to Magnetic Stars 2022!

The study of stellar magnetism is a powerful technique in understanding of non-stationary phenomena in the Galaxy and plasma behaviour in astrophysics. Magnetic fields is the cause of tremendous energy release leading to various outbursts and eruptions in the most observed stars (e.g., the Sun). However, in a number of objects, such as chemically peculiar stars, magnetic fields are playing a stabilizing role. Their surfaces are “frozen” by magnetic forces and there are no activities except very slow processes of atomic diffusion with velocities of mm/s.

As is evident, magnetic fields manifest themselves different ways in different objects. Methodically, the observations of magnetic fields is one of the most complex methods of modern astrophysics. Therefore, many of the largest telescopes in the world have special equipment necessary for magnetic measurements, on the results of which various physical theories are based, explaining the energy release of astronomical objects.

Studies of stellar magnetism by measuring the Zeeman splitting of spectral lines is one of the most important observational strategies on the 6-m telescope. The staff of the Laboratory for the Stellar Magnetism Study created unique polarization devises for observations and is carrying out spectropolarimatric programs on the 6-m telescope for more than 40 years. The Special Astrophysical Observatory is one of the world’s leading centers for stellar magnetism research.

Traditionally, every 3-4 years the SAO RAS organizes conferences on magnetic stars and invites world’s leading experts to take part in them.

To discuss the current state of the problem and the nearest prospects, the Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences invites stellar astrophysicists from around the world to take part in our traditional conference, which will be held at August 22–27, 2022.

The event will be held at the Special Astrophysical Observatory in the village of Nizhniy Arkhyz of the Krachayevo-Cherkess Republic of Russia, not far from the installation site of the 6-m telescope.

We invite everyone to come to the conference in person. For those who cannot come to us due to the current epidemiological situation or for other reasons, we will organize an opportunity to present their talks online.

For on-line participants, the registration fee will be 3,500 rubles (40 Eu) and will cover the publication of the conference proceedings. The proceedings of the Conference will be published as a separate volume and we hope to make them in the ASP Conference Series.

Conference Fee

The conference fee is 7,000 (about 90 Eur) russian roubles (6,000 roubles in a case of an early-bird registration till April 1, 2022). The conference fee covers posting invitations for Russian visa, transfer from/to the airport or the railway station to the venue, coffee breaks, and conference proceedings. For undergraduate and graduate students, there is 50% discount.

Abstract Submission

We are using Pretalx services to gather applications and form the conference schedule. If you want to submit a talk (or a several of them), please use the following link.

If you have any questions regarding the participation, contact the organizers.