Magnetic Stars


Scientific Organizing Committee
Gautier Mathys ESO, Chile
Zdenek Mikulasek MU Brno,Czech Republic
Nikolai Piskunov INASAN, Russia
Iosif Romanyuk SAO, Russia (chair)
Tatiana Ryabchikova INASAN, Russia
Dmitry Sokoloff Moscow Russia
Gennady Valyavin SAO, Russia
Gregg Wade RMC, Canada
Werner Weiss Vienna, Austria
Local Organizing Committee
Anastasia Moiseeva Dmitry Kudryavtsev Eugene Semenko Elena Kaisina
Ilya Yakunin Vitaly Aitov Ekaterina Filippova Natalia Oborina


We are looking forward to see every participant in person here at SAO RAS. For those who cannot come to us due to the current epidemiological situation or for other reasons, there will be an opportunity to present talks online. The duration of oral presentation is 20 minutes, invited talks will be 40 minutes long. The LOC will organize an online poster session, where authors will have 3–5 minutes to present their results.

To register and submit a talk/poster, please fill the following form on

Register to the Conference

Conference Fee

The conference fee is 7,000 russian roubles (about 85 $euro;). An early-bird registration is available till April 10, 2022 and will cost 6,000 roubles. For undergraduate and graduate students there is 50% discount.

For on-line participants, the registration fee will be 3,500 rubles.

The conference fee covers posting invitations for Russian visa, transfer from/to the airport or the railway station to the venue, coffee breaks, and the conference proceedings.