The Special astrophysical observatory of the Russian academy of sciences, Nizhnij Arkhyz, Russia
30 September - 4 October 2019

BTA dome. Image by Thomas Puzia
BTA dome. © Thomas Puzia

Diversity of the Local Universe

The nearby Universe is a key tool for understanding structure formation and galaxy evolution. It allows us to study the distribution in space and bulk motion of matter with unsurpassed accuracy. Here, we can observe the inner structure of nearby objects in great details. We may study the physical processes in individual star-forming regions and analyze stellar populations using individual stars. Due to relatively small distances, we observe a huge number of dwarf galaxies in the nearby Universe; a census which is simply impossible for regions further away. Dwarf galaxies play an important role in galaxy evolution throughout cosmic time. These “simple” low-mass objects provide us a detailed view on stellar, chemical, and dynamical properties in the Universe. The aim of this conference is to bring together the broad community studying the Local Universe and the place of dwarf galaxies within it.

Conference key topics:

  • Structure, mass distribution and bulk motions in the Local Universe
    • Voids, groups, filaments, clusters
    • Local Group of galaxies
    • Extragalactic distance ladder and the Hubble constant
    • Peculiar velocity field and bulk flows
  • Star formation in dwarf galaxies
    • Current star formation from H-alpha and UV surveys
    • Age and metallicity of stellar populations, star formation history reconstruction
    • Diversity of SF and chemical evolution of dwarfs
    • Gas outflows and inflows
  • Diversity of dwarf galaxies
    • Individual objects and recent discoveries
    • Ultra Diffuse, Ultra Compact and Dwarf Spheroidal galaxies
    • Census, abundance and habitats
    • Statistical trends, extremities and nature of outliers
    • Angular momentum of dwarfs
  • Dwarf galaxies as probes of cosmology
    • Dark Matter content in dwarf galaxies
    • Shredding, stripping and stellar haloes: observations and theory of unbound substructures in the Local group
    • Cold DM, Self interacting DM, Warm DM  - evidence from dwarf galaxies
    • Disentangling hydrodynamics, feedback and dark matter in dwarfs
  • Dwarf galaxies in the structure of the nearby cosmic web
    • Search for new nearby dwarfs and blind HI surveys
    • Population of dwarfs in voids, groups and filaments
    • Planes of dwarfs: phase space correlations in the Local Universe
    • Relation to origin and evolution: models and simulations vs observations
    • Faint end of the luminosity function of galaxies

Invited speakers:

  • Di Cintio Arianna (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Tenerife, Spain)
  • Elmegreen Bruce (IBM Research Division, T. J. Watson Research Center, USA)
  • Gottlöber Stefan (Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik, Potsdam, Germany)
  • Karachentsev Igor (Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
  • Müller Oliver (Université de Strasbourg, Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg (ObAS), France)
  • Pearson Sarah (Center for Computational Astrophysics, Flatiron Institute, New York, NY, USA)
  • Puzia Thomas (Institute of Astrophysics, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile)
  • Sil'chenko Olga (Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia)
  • Skillman Evan (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics, University of Minnesota, USA)
  • Sylos Labini Francesco (Enrico Fermi Center & Institute for Complex Systems (ISC) CNR, Rome, Italy)
  • Tully R. Brent (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii, USA)
  • Wheeler Coral (California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA)

Scientific Organizing Committee:

  • Courtois Hélène (Université de Lyon, Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France)
  • Klypin Anatoly (University of New Mexico, USA)
  • Libeskind Noam (Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam, Germany; Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon, France)
  • Makarov Dmitry (SAO RAS, Russia) - chair
  • Makarova Lidia (SAO RAS, Russia)
  • Pustilnik Simon (SAO RAS, Russia)
  • Shchekinov Yuri (LPI RAS, Russia)

Local Organizing Committee:

  • Antipova Aleksandra
  • Egorova Evgenia
  • Filippova Ekaterina
  • Grokhovskaya Aleksandra
  • Kaisina Elena
  • Kolesnikova Anastasia
  • Makarov Dmitry - chair
  • Oborina Natalya - secretary
  • Perekotienko Vladislava
  • Perepelitsyna Yulia - co-chair
  • Shablovinskaya Elena
  • Tepliakova Arina
  • Uklein Roman


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