Multi-Wavelength investigations of the Sun and modern problems of solar activity


Nizhnij Arkhiz, September 28 -  October 2, 2006.












Organizers of the conference:

Russian Academy of Sciences:
Section "the Sun" under the Council on Astronomy,
Section "Physics of solar plasma" under the Council "Sun Earth"
Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Main (Pulkovo) Astronomical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
The Russian Fund of Basic Researches,
Russian Astronomical Society. 

Scientific committee:

  •  Zaitsev V.V., Dr.Sci (IAP RAS) chairman

  •  Bogod V.M., Dr.Sci (SPb Branch of SAO RAS)  deputy chairman

  •  Stepanov A.V., Dr.Sci (Pulkovo observatory) deputy chairman

  •  Nagovitsyn J.A., PhD (Pulkovo observatory)

  •  Obridko V.N., Dr.Sci (IZMIRAN)

  •  Veselovskij I.S., Dr.Sci (NIIJAF MGU)

  •  Grigorjev V.M., an acad. Corresponding Member(ISZF SO RAN)

  •  Zelenyj L.M., an acad. Corresponding Member(IKI RAN)

  •  Kim I.S., PhD (Astronomical institute, Moscow University)

  •  Smolkov G.J., Dr.Sci (ISZF SO RAN)

  •  Stepanjan N.N., Dr.Sci (KrAO, Ukraina)

  •  Yasnov L.V., Dr.Sci (SPb University)

 Local organizing committee:

  •  Balega Ju.Ju. (SAO RAS) - chairman

  •  Bogod V.M. (SPb Branch of SAO RAS) - deputy chairman

  •  Mingaliev M.G. (SAO RAS) -  deputy  chairman

  •  Kostjuk I.P. (SAO RAS)  scientific secretary

  •  Borisevich T.P. (Pulkovo observatory)

  •  Vitkovskij V.V. (SAO RAS)

  •  Kaltman T.I. (SPb Branch of SAO RAS)

  •  Nagovitsyn J.A. (Pulkovo observatory)

  •  Opejkina L.V. (SAO RAS)

  •  Peterova N.G. (SPb Branch of SAO RAS)

  •  Tokhchukova S.Kh. (Pulkovo observatory)

  •  Uzdenov A.CH. (SAO RAS)

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