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Last update:
1 Sep 2020
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Laboratory of Spectroscopy and Photometry of
Extragalactic Objects

Instrumental facilities developed in our Laboratory.

For the SAO RAS 6-m telescope (prime focus instruments):

  • SCORPIO-1 Multimode focal reducer.
    • Direct imaging
    • Longs-slit spectroscopy
    • Multi-slit spectroscopy
  • SCORPIO-2 Multimode focal reducer. Modes:
    • Direct imaging
    • Longs-slit spectroscopy
    • Spectropolarymetry
    • Scanning interferometer Fabry-Perot
    • Integral-field unit
  • MPFS Multi Pupil Fiber Spectrograph (integral field)
  • MOFS Multi Object Fiber Spectrograph
  • Prime focus ADAPTER for guidng and calibraion of SCORPIO-1 and SCORPIO-2

For other telescopes and observatories:

  • ADAM low- and medium-resolution spectrograph for 1.6-m AZT-33IK telescope of Sayan Observatory of the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science.
    Related paper: Afanasiev, Dodonov, Amirkhanyan & Moiseev, 2016, AstBu, 71, 479 ( Russian PDF; arXiv:1611.07572 ).
  • MaNGaL (the Mapper of Narrow Galaxy Lines), tunable filter photometer at the 1-m telescope of the SAO RAS and 2.5-m telescope of the SAI MSU
    Related paper: Moiseev, A. V.; Perepelitsyn, A. E.; Oparin, D. V., Experimental Astronomy, submitted ( arXiv:2005.14598 ).