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Meeting dedicated to the memory of Victoriy F.Schwarzman

Victoriy F. Schwarzman would have been seventy this year. He passed away almost forty years ago, although his vivid personality has an impact on us up to now. His influence can be seen in lives of his colleagues and relatives and his scientific ideas continue. On December 18 2015, in the Oval hall of the SAO RAS laboratory building, there was a meeting dedicated to his anniversary. Some of his friends and colleagues shared their memories that day: Y.Y.Balega, I.D.Karachentsev, V.V.Vitkovsky, M.G.Mingaliev, S.N.Mitronova, B.Shtivelman, E.I.Ryzhikova, V.L.Plokhotnichenko, and G.M.Beskin.

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